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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Increase your profits by preventing common thefts

From Rig Hands to consultants, workers steal diesel fuel daily. This is a 'crime of opportunity' that has been going on for decades. Midland, TX has had such a rise that it made the Newswest 9 news.

How much does this cost each oil & gas rig? It takes 35 gallons to fill up a typical truck. The average price of diesel fuel is $4. That means to fill up that tank costs $140. Lets assume only a single theft occurs per day and that is a loss of $51,100 per year! You own 10 rigs? You could be losing $511,000 per year!

It's great to trust your employees, but remember the advice "Trust, but verify."

Security cameras can act as both a deterrent and an effective way to catch criminals if theft ever occurs.

One Nature LLC offers a turnkey camera network solution that can be installed as quickly as a day! Our Featured Product is The RigCams Network! More information can be found at our site.

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