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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Operate Cranes Safely

The RigCam for Cranes reduces pick time because the operator's work is easier and he is more efficient. But more importantly, it directly contributes to lower incident rates. Can you imagine trying to drive a truck blind and your only help are the instructions from another person on the radio? This happens to crane operators everyday!

Fortunately, with The RigCam for Cranes, these blind spots are eliminated. This also allows his eyes to be on the spotter eliminating miscommunication. The operator is able to verify the instructions he receives. This is especially important with inexperienced teams. Another common trouble is if the load becomes out of balance. The RigCam for Cranes gives the operator the ability to see this immediately and take action.

Accidents are preventable.
The RigCam for Cranes provides extraordinary safety.

One Nature LLC is an IT Solutions Manufacturer, Consultancy, and Value-Added Reseller.  We are a Houston based, Veteran-Owned Small Business.  We provide IP Camera Solutions to monitor incidents, protect assets, and manage health and safety.

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